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It's now even easier to get your MangaJo fix! Our new 1 Litre bottles and 250 ml sparkling cans are available to buy online directly from us. The cans are a great sparkling twist on an age-old classic, while the 1 Litre range is ideal for picnics, get togethers & storing in the fridge, so you are never without your MangaJo!

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We love mother earth

Aren’t trees great? We think so. That’s why we support the Tree Aid Charity. Trees mean life in Africa. Tree Aid funds work in the continent poorest regions that preserves poverty and restores the environment.

Having trees means having food, wood for building homes and furniture, for cooking and making farm tools, it means shade, medicines. It means life.

When you next buy a MangaJo drink, remember that you are supporting Tree Aid.