UK Stockists

    We have many UK independent stockists like IRO Sushi, Vineyards and Mitsuryu as well as being stocked in well known stores such as Whole Foods Market, Waitrose, Yo Sushi, Sushi Shop, Sushi Daily, Planet Organic, to name but a few.

    Buy Online – Waitrose, Whole Foods Market and Aqua Amore

    Please call 020 8813 5005 or email for your local store details.


    Get your  MondoJo on

    We are just a teeny company with a HUGE passion for delicious, healthy iced tea. And we’re not the only ones – it seems people all over the world share our passion and love our drinks. From humble beginnings in little old England, MangaJo has become MondoJo, as word about our delicious iced teas spilled across the globe. These days, MangaJo is available in over 20 countries, so if you find yourself in London, Sydney, Hong Kong or Indonesia don’t panic! You’re never far away from your favourite MangaJo iced tea.

    Please call 020 8813 5005 or email for a stockist in your country. 

    We are available in: